2 Rituals to Attract Abundance

Rituals for Abundance using tools from WomanShopsWorld

by Blog contributor Eryn Johnson

We all want to attract more abundance into our lives.

But when it comes down to it, how do you actually do that?

Ritual is a powerful way to connect with your highest self, connect with the Universe, and manifest your desires into your life. Scroll down to look through 2 abundance rituals you can use to attract the abundance you crave!

For each ritual, you can start by cleansing yourself and your space with sage. Sage has been used by indigenous cultures for hundreds of years to clear negative energy and create space for the energy you do want.

You can buy sage in our beginner’s smudge kit, or get fancy with our gorgeous floral smudge sticks.

After you cleanse your space, dive into your ritual.

Journaling with Oils Ritual for Abundance using tools from WomanShopsWorld

  1. Journaling with Oils Ritual.
    To start, gather your essential oils. Mix and match from the list below or use them all:
  • 2 drops of cinnamon for harmony
  • 3 drops of frankincense to calm your mind, enhance psychic ability, and heal your relationship with money
  • 4 drops of wild orange to create abundance
  • 1 drop of geranium for trust and love

Rituals for Abundance using tools from WomanShopsWorld

Diffuse them in your space or mix them together with a carrier oil such as coconut oil into a roller ball and rub on your skin, focusing on the soles of your feet and the back of your neck.

Sit in a comfortable seat with a long spine and breathe deeply. Breathe in their scent and allow abundance to wash over you.

When your mind feels calm and still, pull out your journal and free-write to these questions:

  1. What did my parents teach me about money when I was younger, either directly or indirectly?
  2. Do I agree with those beliefs? How have they affected me?
  3. Why do I feel like I don’t deserve money?
  4. Dear money, _________.
  5. What am I grateful for?
  6. What makes me feel abundant?
  7. How can I open myself to receiving abundance?

Journaling with Oils Ritual for Abundance using tools from WomanShopsWorld

  1. Crystal Meditation Ritual. For this simple meditation ritual, you’ll want to have your journal and any or all of these crystals:
  • Green jade for prosperity, wealth, and luck
  • Pyrite for manifesting money
  • Citrine for attracting abundance and cultivating your personal power
  • Tiger’s eye to boost your confidence and attract money, luck, and abundance
  • Moss agate for attracting abundance,
  • And make sure you incorporate clear quartz if you have it to amplify the energy of whatever other crystals you choose!

Crystals are such amazing tools for co-creating with the Universe. Use them during your meditation to align yourself with the frequency of abundance.

Once you have your crystals around you, sit in a comfortable seat with a tall spine. Bring your palms to heart center, than open them up into Padma or Lotus mudra by blossoming your hands open and keeping pinky fingers and thumbs touching. This mudra will help open your heart to receive.

Focus on your breath, breathing deeply into the belly and exhaling softly out of the mouth. As you inhale, visualize the white light of abundance flowing from your crown down your spine straight into your tailbone. As you exhale, every hesitation, limiting belief, and blockage to receiving leaves your psyche.

Continue with this visualization for a few minutes. When you feel ready, start to incorporate a affirmation. Try one of these or create your own:

  • The abundance of the Universe flows to me, and I receive freely without hesitation.
  • I trust the Universe and know that I am taken care of.
  • The Universe is an abundant place.
  • Everything I desire is coming to me.

Rituals for Abundance using tools from WomanShopsWorld

Return to your breath, and sit in silence for as long as you’d like. When you’re ready, write your experiences down in your journal. What came through for you?

Optional: Write down your affirmation and return to it as needed.

Try one or both of these rituals, then comment below and share your experience! Get started with a beginner’s smudge kit or a floral smudge stick, and our colorful sari silk journals.

About Eryn Johnson:

Eryn is a yoga teacher, freelance writer, and social media manager currently based in Philadelphia. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in Rishikesh, India where she became obsessed with mantra chanting, yoga philosophy, and chai tea. When she’s not doing yoga, she’s planning her next trip, hosting the Living Open podcast, or eating Thai food. Follow along with her adventures on Instagram at @erynj_ and at www.livingopenshow.com

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