10 Ways to Stimulate your Creativity when the Seasons Change

10 Ways to Stimulate your Creativity when the Seasons Change

Ahhh, the change of seasons. Just like clockwork. Inevitable, impending, exciting, and sometimes stifling. For creatives, the changing of the season can have a big impact on how we gather inspiration, how efficiently we work, and sometimes how we pull ourselves out of a creative rut.

A lot of people especially find the transition from Summer to Fall to be a challenging one.  Our world goes from warm, bright, and colorful, to cool, less brilliant, and less colorful.  Like most transitions in life, if you are well-equipped, and plan ahead a bit, the process can be easier. 

Here are some tips for creatives on transitioning from Summer to Fall:
    1. Reorganize your studio or workspace.
    2. Work outside when possible, to connect to nature and it's colors and rhythms.  If it's cold and dreary, maybe try working near a window.
    3. Try creating with seasonal colors, even if they aren't colors that you would normally work with. This helps you connect to the feel of the season.
    4. Add touches of seasonal decor to your workspace to inspire you.
    5. Create a vision board (virtual or actual) with seasonal colors and trends.
    6. Use essential oils that inspire creativity in a diffuser or on your body. Some good ones to try:
      -Tangerine for joy and creativity 
      -Frankincense for calm
      -Peppermint for concentration
      -Lavender for expression and communication
    7. Try new, seasonal recipes.  Cooking creates mindfulness and stimulates creativity that will flow into other areas of your life.
    8. Create a new weekly ritual, routine, or dedication. New routines are stimulating and give us something to look forward to and stick to, which is rewarding. 
      Here are some ideas:
      -Try a new yoga, cooking, exercise, or meditation class that you've been interested in. 
      -Sign up for an online course that you've been thinking about.
      -Join a new local meet-up group where you'll meet new people. 
      -Start a new weekly self-care routine like Face Masks on Monday or juicing on Tuesday. 
    9. If you know that certain seasons elicit either positive or negative emotions for you, use those to your benefit.  Feel somber and slow in Fall? Try working on a piece/style/collection that will allow you to embrace your slower pace, and allow your natural emotions to work in your favor.
    10. Take a trip. Even if it's a day trip to a local spot where you've never been. Breaking up the monotony in life is refreshing and stimulating in many ways. 

Do you have tips to help you transition the seasons? I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!  Feel free to leave them here, or join us in the WomanShopsWorld Live (color)FULLY Facebook Group where we're continuing the conversation!


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