10 Creative Ways to Use Tassels in Jewelry Making

Tassels in jewelry aren't just a trend, they're a staple! Tassels as ornaments date back to the ancient empires, for obvious reasons: they're fun to wear, and they can carry meaning. Here are 10 creative ways to use tassels in your handmade jewelry, from the tassels experts at WSW:
  1. Tassel Talisman: Tassels are fun as decorative components, but they can be meaningful ones too! Live more intentionally by crafting a talisman: a good luck token that you can wear and see throughout your day, that will remind you of the magic in life.Tassel Talisman Bracelet by BlissOriginal featuring tassel from WomanShopsWorld
    Tassel Talisman Bracelet image via BlissOriginal
    Shown on this bracelet: The Tiniest Tassel
  1. Birthstone Tassels: Making a necklace or bracelet with a different colored tassel to represent each one of your children, or even your best friends. Creating jewelry using tassels in birthstone colors is a fun twist on a traditional idea, and with the WSW tassel color palette, making the color match is easy!
  1. Little Reminders: create a piece of jewelry using a special tassel color story to remind you of a special place, memorable sunsets, to relax, or breathe, etc. Set the intention and use your tassels to remind you.

    Mala necklaces for special moments from Jeanne Verger Jewelry
    Malas created by Jeanne Verger Jewelry, modeled by Jeanne and Veronica Krestow
  1. Create a mala to aid in your meditation or yoga practice. Tassels symbolize the roots of the lotus to remind wearers that you can’t get the beauty of the lotus without mud. Interested in learning to make your own mala? Download our free tutorial, The Art of Mala Making, to get step-by-step instructions and your essential mala supply list!

  1. Celebrate Holidays and occasions: DIY your own one of a kind jewelry for every occasion. Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, etc.
  1. Jazz up old jewelry: upcycle outdated pieces in your jewelry box by adding a tassel to them. The handy loop at the top of WSW tassels makes it easy to slip them onto onto earring hooks or necklaces easily!
  1. Align your chakras: use color therapy to tap into & align with your divine energy. Our Rainbow Chakra Tassel Pack includes a beautiful assortment of tassels that match each chakra! Try wearing different tassel colors to tap into different energies on different days, depending on how you’re feeling.
    Rainbow Chakra Tassel Mix Pack
    Rainbow Chakra Tassel Mix Pack from WomanShopsWorld
  1. Coordinate with your outfits: you’ll never run into an outfit twin when you’re wearing your own customized matching tassel jewelry! Add pizzazz to your everyday looks by creating tassel jewelry that matches your everyday attire and your special occasion finery.
  1. Clip one onto your charm bracelet. Add some extra color, texture & fun alongside your tried and true charms.
  1. Attach small lobster clasps to your favorite tassels so you can easily swap them out on your favorite necklace. Lobster clasps will allow you to quickly mix things up depending on the occasion, your mood or outfit!

Want to create your own magic? Download The Art of Mala Making today!

Download your free visual tutorial: The Art of Mala Making

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