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Delicately crisp and white, this trim is perfect for the summer bride. White embroidered flowers are surrounded by a delicate trail of silver sequins. The back of this trim is mesh with a white backing, so it is slightly translucent in some places. It has finished edges.

2 1/2" wide.


This listing is for 1 Yard. If ordering multiple yards, you'll receive one long piece. This trim comes in 9 meter spools. So the longest section I have is just over 9 yards long.

Ex: if ordering 15 yards, it will come in two 9 + 6 yard pieces.

See the 5th picture for a beautiful bouquet idea, using one of the other trims! Thank you to Brae Howard Weddings (http://www.braehoward.com/) in Philadelphia, for the fabulous picture of Leah's wedding bouquet!

This beautifully embroidered trim comes from India. I hand-select these beautiful trims from a huge storehouse in India, where there are 7 stories of trim from floor to ceiling. I'm like a kid in a candy shop over these beauties- the colors are overwhelming! When I first found them, I didn't know what I would do with all of them, but I knew I needed to bring them home. I'm so happy I can share them with you!

Traditionally used as Sari borders, but the adornment possibilities are endless! Tablecloth borders, pillowcase borders, jeans trim, belt, jacket trim.....get inspired and create!