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Such a rare and unusual find, this vintage textile comes from the Tuareg tribe in North Africa. As the Tuareg are a nomadic tribe, they do not weave themselves, but hire other local tribes to weave for them.

The bold colors in this cloth are so enchanting, and the weaving patterns are so beautifully intricate. My favorite part of this cloth is the fringe that runs across it. It adds such beautiful texture (see photo 4).

From what I can find, this cloth was probably made to be wedding blanket, saddle cloth or a tent cloth. This particular fabric was made sometime in the 1960's or 1970's. It is in beautiful condition except for one small hole (shown in picture 5).

A few of the strips are slightly coming apart, but this does not detract from the cloth in any way. They could easily be stitched back together. This is a strip-cloth, made up of 10 strips.

The entire cloth measures 62" x 134" 

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