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Beautifully striking and bold, these textiles are truly special. Called Aso Oke (pronounced ah-SHOW-kay), these cloths are made by the Yoruba people from south west Nigeria, made 30+ years ago. Intricately hand-loomed primarily by men, in the most beautiful colors, with intricate details, these cloths are wonderful for repurposing.

Most Aso Oke is strip-cloth, meaning it is made of multiple strips (on average, 10) sewn together. 
The heft of these specific Aso Oke cloths is beautifully sturdy, while not too heavy. It is stronger than most of the other traditional Aso Oke fabrics that I have come across.

The Details
Electric Yellow/Peach: 70x41.5", 9 strips
Solid Lilac: 65x43", 9 strips
Multi Purples: 60x54.5", 12 strips
Multi Greens: 67x40.5", 9 strips
Blue/Pink/Lilac: 73.5x47.5", 11 strips
Blue/Yellow: 60x47", 10 strips *This one shows some dirt in the center area; I have not washed it. Most of these textiles wash clean quite easily.

This fabric is the large section out of a set of traditional Yoruba clothing. Traditionally, it would be worn wrapped around the lower part of the body.

How about using it as a wall hanging, beach blanket, picnic blanket, table runner, fabric for upholstery, or as is. Pillows, a skirt, curtains, shirt, bag, the possibilities are endless.

Each of these cloths is in good vintage condition. There are some slight dirt marks, but they could be cleaned. I have not made any attempts to wash or clean the textile. It is coming to me straight from Nigeria, untouched.

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