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 The Magic is in the Details
Approx. Bead Size: 10mm*
Approx. Hole Size: 2mm
Approx. Number of Beads: 100 (2 oz)
Color: Turquoise Blue**

These eco-friendly Acai beads are natural and renewable, and harvested by hand in South America. They have such a beautiful weight and density to them, and they feel so good in the hand. Such a perfect size for making bracelets and necklaces, and they are drilled with a large hole, so they are great strung on leather and other types of cord.

*Each bead measures approximately 10mm, but there is some variety in size due to the fact that these are natural seeds.

**The black speckles that you see on the beads are natural, and give them a great textured appearance.


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