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This is a rare piece of indigo that truly gave me butterflies in my stomach when I found it. There is something timelessly alluring about the beautiful blue of Indigo, and this one is really special with its neon embroidery and fringe! Called "the color that seduced the world," Indigo is prominent in many African textiles.

Textile measures 36" wide x 58" long.

This beautiful cloth is vintage, from Mali, and the colorful stitching on it makes it a wedding cloth. This piece is a strip cloth, meaning it is made of 8 individually woven strips of Indigo cloth that have been stitched together, then decorated with a linear and beautifully geometric bright embroidery on one edge.

This piece could be worn as a shawl, it would be beautiful as a wall hanging or a beach or picnic blanket, or would be great for decorating projects.

It is in beautiful vintage condition, and amazingly soft. I have made no efforts to clean this cloth, however it is not as musty as some of them can be. Keep in mind that you might want to clean or dry clean it before using. You can handwash and line dry these.

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