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This cord is the perfect solution for all of your beading and macrame needs. You can use it for knotting, lacing, stringing, sewing, and any other crafty purposes.
Strong and sturdy, and a versatile 1mm size.

Choose your color and your desired length.
You can use a lighter or heat gun to gently heat this cord and melt the wax on its surface, to seal the ends, strengthen knots, and even to strengthen the cord to use it like a needle.

✨The MAGIC is in the Details✨
Size: 1mm
Material: Nylon
Length: Sold in 1 yard (3 ft) increments; if you order more than 1 yard, it will come in one long piece.
Colors: Hot Pink, Neon Pink, Bubblegum Pink, Day Glo Orange, Apricot, Bright Yellow, Mint Green, Sky Blue, Blue Grey, Classic Blue, Purple, Grey, White, Black


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