DIY It: Succulent and Raffia Pom Pom Wreath

Succulents and RAFFIA Pom Poms together on a wreath? Yes, you know you wanna.

I confess that I am in the phase of my life where I need almost-instant gratification when it comes to DIY projects. Are you with me? With a small business to run and a 2 year old to tame, I don't have much free time.  So readymade raffia pom poms and a glue gun are my best friends when I embark on a craft project.😂

Take a peek at the video to see how easy this DIY is.  Creating this wreath took about 10 minutes from start to finish!  Read: I was able to finish this, hang it on the front door AND still had time to finish the laundry and meal prep all during my son's nap time! It's really that quick: you can craft a small army of these festive cuties in the time it takes to watch your favorite tv show!

What you need:

Raffia Pom Pom and Succulent DIY by WomanShopsWorld

First, remove the succulents from their stems. The ones I got pulled out quite easily with a little tug or two. If your succulents are less cooperative, you could also cut them off their stems using a pair of sturdy shears or a knife. You can also cut the longer loops off the Raffia Pom Poms at this time too. It's not 100% necessary to cut the loops off the poms but it does make it A LOT easier to glue them onto the wreath.

Raffia Pom Pom and Succulent Wreath DIY by WomanShopsWorld

Next, plan out where you want to place the succulents and pom poms. This is a great time to decide on the order of the differently colored poms, and to decide on the spacing of the poms.Raffia Pom Pom + Succulent Wreath DIY by WomanShopsWorld

Then, glue everything onto the wreath.  I started with the cluster of succulents first, so that I would know how I needed to space the pom poms.  You can arrange them however you'd like. After trying out a couple different layouts, I decided that I liked the impact of having all of the succulents together in a cluster.

Work your way around the wreath until you have everything glued securly down.

Raffia Pom Pom + Succulent Wreath by WomanShopsWorld

TA DA! You're done!  You can attach some wire or ribbon at the top and hang it on your door. Please note: you can also hang it on a nail using the branches of the wreath, but this isn't a super secure way to go about displaying your work of art!
Raffia Pom Pom + Succulent Wreath from WomanShopsWorld

I hung this beauty on my door right away and it makes me smile every time I walk by it! The colors are so Springy & fresh! I love that with the color choices on the pom poms, you're not restricted to any season. 

Have you made a fun DIY project using WomanShopsWorld supplies? Do tell us, we'd love to see it!

Until next time, happy creating!

~ Carter


  • Amber

    Kewl idea I love it. I have a question where did you get your ring on your ring finger it looks fantastic.

  • Amber

    Kewl idea I love it. I have a question where did you get your ring on your ring finger it looks fantastic.

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